Jacqueline Drury MA is a professional artist living and working within the UK.

As an artist her work can take a variety of physical forms from objects to paintings to words.


” What am I working on right now? I have several projects in motion at the moment; A portrait commission ; Writing the screenplay ‘Seeing’; Short Film production; Plus writing short plays and monologues.

Everyone has a book in them as they say, but not everyone has the patience to write that book! I certainly don’t! I have ideas that I want to convey and I visualise those ideas as a scene, how it is shot, what is the mood, what music or sounds there may be.

Visual clues speak a thousand words. The excitement of writing a screenplay or a play, is that you frame the scenes much like a painting, the audience view the scenes and are lead through the tale without explanatory notes.

Writing is as close to painting as one could be without actually lifting a brush.”

Solo show “One Self Aloud”  held in Nuneaton 2011 proved to be controversial with show visitors. Some found the imagery “offensive” others “thought provoking” and “scary”.

“Working mainly in oils on canvas but also using acrylics and different mediums depending upon the project I paint stories from the experiences I have from day to day.

Narrative figure painting is probably the best description of the type of work I do. So a painting will not be a direct self portrait but a depiction of an experience and how I felt or reacted to it. The figures contained within the picture may be real or imagined and the element of wit is never far from my work.”

Jacqueline attended Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen (BA Hons) and then Norwich School of Art (MA Fine Art).

She has exhibited in England, Scotland and Portugal and her work is held in permanent collections in Scotland and Portugal.


Beached Painting

This is not a portfolio website….

“I don’t post many images of my work online because I don’t want my work copied and used without my knowledge. Therefore there are very few images to be found within the following pages. I realise that that could make it difficult for you to judge the quality of my work.

What I can tell you is that my first degree was in Drawing & Painting. I then studied towards an MA, concentrating on Painting.Solid drawing skills form the basis for all my works whether it be drawing the figure, an urban scene or a rural dwelling.

Previous commissions include oil paintings of boats at sea, watercolours of country houses, pen drawings of hotels and cartoon character wall murals.”

….I am more than happy to show you my work when I meet you.

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